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The H-2B Program Benefits Seasonal Small Businesses and Their Workers

Our Mackinac Island based PAC represents the nearly 200-members of the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau and other like-minded companies with the same employment goals. 

Working together we have been able to combine our resources to give us a louder and clearer voice to persuade lawmakers to give us the workers we need to support our U.S. based economies.

Ways to Get Involved

Join our efforts! Become a “Supporting Member” of the the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau. As a member you will be updated regularly with our lobbying efforts. Members are invited to join our Washington D.C. Fly-Ins when we meet with our Congressional leaders face to face to update them on  our needs.

Contact Tim Hygh at 906-847-3783 for more information.

Rules for Contributions

  1. Only individuals can contribute to the PAC, not corporations. A contribution can come from a non-corporate sole proprietorship, but it is not tax deductible. Those individuals must be members of the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau.

  2. Contributions can be up to $5,000 per year, but there is no requirement to contribute anything. All contributions are entirely voluntary and will not benefit or disadvantage him or her. 
  3. The FEC also requires that we obtain certain information about contributors when they contribute more than $200. 

  4. Contributions can come from individuals who are members of MITB, their families, and executive and administrative personnel of their companies, and their families.  For example, an individual who owns a business that is a member of MITB can contribute up to $5,000 and his or her spouse can contribute up to $5,000.  An executive of the member’s company can also contribute up to $5,000 and his or her spouse can also contribute.  The FEC defines executive and administrative personnel to include employees who are paid on a salary (rather than hourly) basis and who have policymaking, managerial, professional or supervisory responsibilities and who devote the majority of their work week to executive or administrative duties involved in running the business. 

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